Research Priorities Grants

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 Research Priorities GrantsResearch Priorities Grants are grants that are awarded to research projects that address pressing needs in Qassim region. Mechanisms and regulations of Research Priorities Grants including current research priorities are determined by the Deanship of Scientific Research.
Research Priorities for the 2017-2018 (1437-1438) Academic Year
After study and exploration of the views of concerned parties, the Deanship of Scientific Research has determined the following  areas of research as research priorities for Qassim region for the 2017-2018 (1437-1438) academic year:
1.    Research on smart city applications:
Examples of proposed research studies include feasibility studies on applying the concept of smart cities in Qassim Region. Research proposals on this topic should address the most important components of smart city concepts in the following research areas:
    a.    Identification of the most significant obstacles and challenges to the application of the
           concept of smart cities in Qassim Region
    b.    Proposition of appropriate mechanisms and solutions to overcome such obstacles and
2.    Research on information technology security:
Examples of proposed research topics include assessment and evaluation studies of the security efficiency of information technology solutions used by local government in Qassim Region. Proposals should focus on:
  •    a.    Measuring security efficiency of information technology solutions used by local government
  •           in Qassim Region in comparison to international standards
   b.    Identifying information technology security gaps and flaws
   c.    Proposing appropriate solutions to increase efficiency of existing information technology
          security safeguards
3.    Research on pedagogy for children with autism:
Research Proposals should focus on the development of a procedural manual for the implementation of pedagogical and therapeutic programs for autistic children in Qassim Region. The following issues should be addressed:
      a.    Accurate estimation of the size of autistic child population in Qassim Region as well as the .              pedagogical and therapeutic challenges facing autistic children in Qassim Region
      b.      Highlighting the role of social institutions, especially the family and school,  in
               accommodating the pedagogical needs of autistic children
      c.      Developing a procedural manual that can contribute to raising social awareness of the
              best research-based pedagogical ways to deal with autistic children
4.    Research on palm tree weevils in Qassim Region, especially research project proposals that address the following issues:
       a.    Identifying the most important genetic strains of palm tree weevils in Qassim Region
       b.    Proposing innovative ways to detect and control palm tree weevils in Qassim Region
5.    Research on genetic and environmental risk factors of the following common types of cancer in Qassim Region:
       a.    Nasopharyngeal cancer
       b.    Thyroid cancer
6.    Research on issues of obesity and diabetes in Qassim Region and innovative methods of prevention, namely:
       a.    Causes of obesity among male and female basic education students in Qassim Region
       b.    The effect of physical activity on obesity and diabetes
       c.    The effect of weight loss on diabetes
7.    Research on causes of respiratory allergies in Qassim Region, namely:
       a.    Identifying the most significant causes of respiratory allergies in Qassim Region
       b.    Explaining the mechanisms of these causes
       c.    Proposing the best related preventive and effect-minimizing methods
8.    Research on estimation of natural radiation levels in Qassim Region and concentration of radioactive agents in local food products:
Proposals should address accurate estimation of average absorbed dose and equivalent annual radiation dose.
9.    Research on cost-reducing energy alternatives, namely:
      a.    Solar-powered air conditioning systems
      b.    Use of solar power to generate electricity
      c.    Efficiency of energy consumption in residential and industrial buildings
      d.    Use of local raw materials in thermal insulation and development of new materials for
             use in manufacturing of solar panels
      e.    Developing manufacturing processes that help reduce energy consumption

Conditions and Precepts:
1.    A research team of at least two university affiliated researchers preferably from different fields of study in addition to the participation of at least an outside researcher—to be compensated as an assistant researcher—affiliated with an entity related to the research topic.
2.    Participation of one graduate and undergraduate researchers is preferable.
3.    The duration of the research project is 12 months.
4.    stuff member must not allowed to participate in more than one project as (PI) and two projects as (COI).
5.    The research team shall be compensated in accordance with the Saudi Universities Uniform Rules and Regulations of Scientific Research
6.    The research team shall submit a midterm technical and financial report (First Report)
7.    The research team shall submit a final technical and financial report upon completion of the project or expiration of the research term whichever comes earlier (Second Report)
8.    The research team shall publish at least a research publication resulting from the research project in a journal indexed in ISI.
9.    The research outcomes should address implications for Qassim region.
10. research team must arrange workshop for discussion of the project results.
11. It is not allowed to submite for staffs who have had delayed projects (until 2015).
12. submisson of proposals must be through the electronic system (RTMS) .
Compensation schedule
Researchers shall be compensated according to the following schedule
•    50% after the First Report has been submitted.
•    50% after the research report has been published and the project concluded.
submite should be though the approved sheet.

For further Info:
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