Standard Research Grants

Standard Research Grants
Standard Research Grants are grants offered thru college research centers in accordance with the following conditions and precepts:
1.    Standard Research Grants are announced at a date to be fixed by the Deanship.
2.    Standard Research Grants can be offered to all types of theoretical and applied research projects.
3.    Standard Research Grant proposals cannot have been—and if approved may not be—submitted to another sponsor for funding.
4.    Standard Research Grant applications can be downloaded from the Deanship website and submitted thru college research centers.
5.    Copies of resulting research reports and publications showing acknowledgment of the funding received from the Deanship shall be submitted to the Deanship.
6.    College research centers shall perform preliminary adjudication of the submitted Standard Research Grant proposals and make recommendations to the Deanship for necessary action.
7.    The duration of a Standard Research Grant is one calendar year.
8.    Standard Research Grant funds shall not be released until after a final research report has been submitted by the researcher(s) and approved by the specialized Deanship committees